Kobalt’s extensive knowledge of EPC and Project Management allows Kobalt to acutely aware of the timelines needs, priorities, and budgetary constraints of the project. Kobalt’s service to our client is limitless on project sizes and requirements.

Kobalt’s newly contracted one-stop fabrication facility in Korea has a high capacity to fabricate tanks and other structural works, specilising in modularisation and works in mining, resources, gas and oil projects. Offsite fabrication site maximises advantages to complete large job in a cost-effective and  timely manner at reduced risk of adverse weather conditions.

We have a company wide commitment to a satisfied client on all Kobalt’s projects through its long-lasting relationships with steel plate producers, engineering and logistic partners.


1073 Victoria Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114 Australia 

P.  +61 421 488 794   |   E.

All Rights Reserved & Designed by SALES WELL


1073 Victoria Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114 Australia   |   Phone. +61 421 488 794   |

All Rights Reserved & Designed by SALES WELL

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